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Since 2010, we have been helping small and medium-sized companies grow, operate more efficiently, and establish international business relations.

We offer our clients responsibility, reliability, and understanding of their needs.


Setting up business processes in the start-up phase

You start a business and need help with the basic setup of your company and its processes and optimize start-up costs.

Analysis of the internal business processes and their improvement to reduce costs and maximize revenue

Do you need help with the efficiency of internal processes and their settings? Looking from the outside environment is what you need and will help you. We quantify, measure, evaluate, and design individual strategies optimally to minimize internal costs and maximize revenues.

Comprehensive project management

Did your business bring you a project or process that you have no experience with? We will be happy to help you with its comprehensive description and preparation.

Business activity and marketing of international products on the Slovak market

Do you need to expand with your product or service to the Slovak market? We will provide you with comprehensive advice, logistics, warehousing, as well as the sale itself.

Administrative assistance in setting up a sheltered workshop or sheltered workplace

As part of the service, we can provide up-to-date information on contributions from the state and the European Union.

We will guide you by preparing documentation, answering your questions, and preparing internal processes to have everything in place for the state legislature.

Create job opportunities for citizens with reduced working capacity and create a competitive advantage for yourself.



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